Water and Solid Waste Management Focus Area

Desired Future

The water resources in Rossland provide a dependable supply of clean, healthy water that exceeds quality requirements and meets the needs of residents, and visitors. Residents are active water custodians. Both the water and wastewater systems are sustainably managed to meet the needs of a growing community. Competing uses are balanced and natural hydrological systems as closely mimicked to meet natural ecosystem needs. Rossland is a leader in minimizing waste and maximizing recycling and reuse of resources and materials. Residents and businesses conserve resources in their daily activities.

End-State Goals

End-state Goal 1: Existing reservoirs provide water of sufficient quality and quantity to service the needs of the town, and all activity occurring within the water supply catchment areas is undertaken in an environmentally sensitive manner that gives the highest priority to protecting water supplies and water quality.

End-state Goal 2: The water, wastewater and storm water systems adequately service residents, visitors and businesses and meet basic needs in a reliable, efficient, affordable and equitable manner.

End-state Goal 3: Potable water provision, storm water management and flood control measures are designed to maintain the integrity of streams, rivers, lakes, riparian areas and wetlands, while adequately servicing residents in a reliable, efficient and affordable manner.

End-state Goal 4: Water users are responsible citizens who conserve potable water and reserve the highest quality water for the uses demanding such quality.

End-state Goal 5: Recycling, reuse and reduction of materials has eliminated the need for a landfill and created local employment opportunities.


What is New in Water and Solid Waste Management?

The Sustainability Commission has a Water Stewardship Task Force.  See their page for updates on their water initiatives including a SHIM mapping project of our watershed, a Stream of Dreams event and recommendations on stream flow monitoring.
The City has also been actively engaged on water initatives including the requirement that all houses have a water meter by 2011.  Read more about water meters on the City website: http://www.rossland.ca/water
The Sustainability Commission Climate Change Adaptation Plan also contains many water recommendations.  Read more about them in the Climate Change Adaptation Plan.