Sustainability Action Hero Podcasts

Throughout Rossland,  ordinary people are undertaking extraordinary projects that contribute to Rossland's social, environmental and economic sustainability.   They have a vision for a more sustainable Rossland and they are putting their visions into action.

We call them Sustainability Action Heros!

In the following podcasts,  we talk to the Sustainability Action Heros who are tackling sustainability projects in our community.  Give a listen and be inspired!


Episode 1: Host Andrew Zwicker talks to Rachael Roussin about the North Jubilee Wetland Rehabilitation project

Take one soggy field in the middle of town and turn it into a natural, functioning wetland?  Environmentally savvy, uber enthusiastic Rachael Roussin and her team did just that.  In this podcast Rachael explains the what, how and why of Rossland's North Jubilee Wetland Rehabilitation project.


Episode 2: Host Andrew Zwicker talks to Jeff Herr about building a net zero energy home in snowy Rossland.

Many people want an energy efficient home, but are scared off by the potential costs. Let green builder Jeff Herr
share with you how to do it on a budget based on his build right here in Rossland.


Episode 3: Host Andrew Zwicker talks to Kim Klassen about her anti-idling campaign taking action on your ideas.

We all have ideas, big or small on viagra pas cher how to do our part to tackle the climate change issue. Few of us actually put it into action. Kim tells us about her process for taking ideas to actions, and the anti-idling campaign she is driving.