Solar Energy Capacity in Rossland

Solar Energy Capacity in Rossland

Is solar energy a realistic alternative renewable energy source for Rossland?  To answer this question, our Energy Task Force set about to measure how much energy a given solar photovoltaic (aka solar PV) project could potentially harvest from the sun right here in the mountain kingdom. 

Rossland's unique microclimate as a mountain town meant that the data available through Natural Resources Canada for the West & East Kootenay regions was just too broad.   Strong interest from our community in both residential solar PV installations and community solar gardens, meant that we needed better data.   

In Dec of 2016, we began the Rossland Solar Monitoring Project.   We installed a pyranometer at the Public Works yard that linked to a data logger.   Now, with 2 years of solar data,  we have a better idea of Rossland's solar energy potential. 

We now have good data that our community and homeowners can access in order to make better decisions about Solar PV installations. 

Read the full report here or click on the attachment at the bottom of this page.  To see the live data being captured by the pyranometer as well as weekly and monthly graphs,  click here

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