Rossland Solar Energy Crawl 2017

2017 Rossland Solar Energy Crawl

Call for Homes and Homeowners to be Host Homes for the 2017 Solar Energy Crawl

Rossland home owners, have you incorporated passive solar design and/or thermal or photovoltaic solar energy systems into your home? And would you be willing to show these features to fellow Rosslanders during our May 2017 Solar Energy Crawl?
We are looking for 5-6 Rossland homes and homeowners to participate in our Solar Energy Crawl. Message us, or email us at More details below or check out our 2016 Energy Crawl page

How Does an Energy Crawl Work?

The Rossland Solar Energy Crawl is a self-guided, open house style tour of 5-6 Rossland homes.  Homeowners act as hosts and give visitors a 20 minute tour of the solar energy features of their home, share their insights and answer questions.  

The Public is invited to drop in at host homes on the day of the Crawl. Most homes will have between 10-20 visitors.

The Sustainability Commission will develop and distribute a map and brochure that features all Energy Crawl host homes. We also provide the host home with an Energy Crawl sign and, if needed, a volunteer co-host to assist during the Crawl.

Our solar energy crawl will take place on a weekend in May (date still under discussion) and will likely be a 4 hour afternoon event.

If you are interested in participating as a host home, contact Community Engagement Manager Ann Damude at