Food Security

In 2016, a group of local food activists began meeting to discuss food security and agricultural related initiatives in Rossland.    By Dec 2016. the 'Foodies'  had developed the first draft of a Food Charter for Rossland.   The group consulted with the community and presented their findings and the draft charter to Rossland City Council.

Council suggested that the group become a Task Force of the Sustainability Commission and in December 2016, the Task Force was formed.

Task Force Members

Caley Mulholland - Chair of Task Force & Sustainability Commission representative

Hanne Smith - Task Force Member & Sustainability Commission representative

Gill Eames -  Task Force Member

Andrea Winckers - Task Force Member

Rachael Roussin - Task Force Member

Rossland Food Charter

To read the latest version of the Rossland Food Charter,  click here.   Our next step is to have the City of Rossland and the community endorse the Food Charter.

The Food Charter was developed with input from organizations and individuals from our region who have an interest in food security and food production.   A summary of the input received during the public consultation can be found in this report

Goals for 2017

In 2017, the Food Security Task Force will address food security issues in Rossland by:

  • Working to have the municipal food charter finalized & adopted by the community,
  • Creating and distributing public education about household composting,
  • Coordinating the fall community fruit pressing day,
  • Organizing two food production themed public presentations 
  • Educating homeowners about best practices for electric fencing
  • Identify and prioritize Task Force projects for the next two years (2018 & 2019) based on guidance from Council, municipal planning documents, and an assessment of community need


Spring 2017 Food Security Task Force Meetings & Events


April 5 -  Food Asset Mapping Exercise: A Fun Brainstorm Session at the Uptown Lounge, ie. Who are all the actors in Rossland’s food system? What are Rossland’s food assets? Map them out....

April 22 - Earth Day Celebrations: Chicken & Compost Crawl 


May 11 - Filling our Plates, Feeding our Future - Free Food Systems Public Lecture with Abra Bryne @ The Old Firehall 6 pm

Date TBD -  Lower Columbia Regional Food Security Workshop with Interior Health & Abra Bryn


June Date-TBD - Composting Focus Group/Brainstorm @ the Library. Why are composts great? What makes a good compost? What barriers prevent Rosslanders from composting?

June 17 from 10-11 am-Composting 101 Workshop with Rachael Roussin @ The Community Garden

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