Food Security

In 2016, a group of local food activists began meeting to discuss food security and agricultural related initiatives in Rossland.    By Dec 2016. the 'Foodies'  had developed the first draft of a Food Charter for Rossland.   The group consulted with the community and presented their findings and the draft charter to Rossland City Council.

Council suggested that the group become a Task Force of the Sustainability Commission and in December 2016, the Task Force was formed.

Task Force Members

Caley Mulholland - Chair of Task Force & Sustainability Commission representative

Hanne Smith - Task Force Member & Sustainability Commission representative

Gill Eames -  Task Force Member


Goals for 2017

In 2017, the Food Security Task Force will address food security issues in Rossland by:

  • Working to have the municipal food charter finalized & adopted by the community,
  • Creating and distributing public education about household composting,
  • Coordinating the fall community fruit pressing day,
  • Organizing two food production themed public presentations 
  • Educating homeowners about best practices for electric fencing
  • Identify and prioritize Task Force projects for the next two years (2018 & 2019) based on guidance from Council, municipal planning documents, and an assessment of community need


Spring 2017 Food Security Task Force Meetings & Events


April 5 -  Food Asset Mapping Exercise: A Fun Brainstorm Session at the Uptown Lounge, ie. Who are all the actors in Rossland’s food system? What are Rossland’s food assets? Map them out....

April 22 - Earth Day Celebrations: Chicken & Compost Crawl 


Date TBD  -either May 4 or 11 - Free Food Systems Public Lecture with Abra Bryne @ The Old Firehall TBD

Date TBD -  Lower Columbia Regional Food Security Workshop with Interior Health & Abra Bryn


June Date-TBD - Composting Focus Group/Brainstorm @ the Library. Why are composts great? What makes a good compost? What barriers prevent Rosslanders from composting?

June Date-TBD Composting Basics Workshop @ The Community Garden