Rossland Farm & Garden Resources

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 11:00

Looking for advice on growing or farming in Rossland?  Check out these resources and guides developed or curated by experienced farm & food folks at Rossland Real Foods.


Backyard Chickens

  1. Judy Kerby's Helpful notes for raising chickens
  2. Articles on backyard chickens

Native Bees & Pollinators

  1. Native Bees  with Dr Lynn Wescott
  2. Columbia Basin Plant lists for attracting native bees & pollinators (Dr Lynn Westcott)
  3. Native pollinators & pollinator nest boxes (Dr Lynn Westcott)
  4. Supply list for Native Bee nest construction

Vegetable Planting & Growing in Rossland

  1. Examples of a planting calendar
  2. Sarah Flood's seed starting schedule
  3. Planning your veggie garden & starting plants indoors (Sarah Flood)
  4. Starting plants from seed (Libby Martin)
  5. What's Growing in Rossland?  An mid- Summer 2010 Garden Report from local gardeners
  6. What's Growing in Rossland?  A July 2010 Garden Report from local gardeners
  7. What's Growing in Rossland?  Fall harvest, storing & seed saving
  8. Starting plants indoors and in the greenhouse with Libby Martin
  9. Earthbox - How to build a self-watering container to grow veggies & flowers

Food Preservation

  1. Canning meat with Les Anderson
  2. Canning fruits & veggies with Deyanne Davies 

Food Gifts

  1. How to make food gifts - Truffles, vanilla extract & herb gifts 
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