2017 Rossland Backyard Chicken & Compost Crawl

Saturday, April 22, 2017 - 09:00

Rossland Chicken & Compost Crawl

Saturday April 22 from 9 am – 12 Noon

Join Rossland Real Foods and the Sustainability Commission for the annual backyard chicken and compost crawl!   Grab a map and your walking shoes and drop in on some of our host homes.  You'll see chickens coops, duck coops, electric fencing, pallet composters, worm bins, hugelkulturs and cement compost bins.   And you’ll likely see some goats and geese, bat and bee houses, and beautiful gardens along the way.

Printed maps can be picked up at the Rossland Library between April 15 -22nd.  Or download the map and brochure at the bottom of this page.  

1.  Chicken Crawl Headquarters – Rossland Library

Stop In and pick up your Chicken Crawl map.  Chat with Des Profiliabout compost and chickens in bear country.  

2.  Gillian Eames - 1375 Victoria Ave | Hosts Gill & Claire & Jim

Gill has a duck coop with 5 lovely Ancona ducks.   Anconas are good layers, foragers, and breeders. Gill is passionate about soil and compost.  Do you have questions about your garden soil?  Curious about soil testing?  Ask Gill.   You’ll also find a beautiful display of Jim’s bird, bat and native bee houses that will be available for purchase.   

3.  Sarah Flood & Cal Dueck -  1980 Thompson Ave

Sarah was one of the first backyard chicken keepers in Rossland.  Her well-designed, sturdy coop has kept her chickens safe from raccoons and bears for the past 5 years.   Sarah has a wood slat, double-binned compost that composts any kitchen scraps her chickens don’t eat and all the bedding from her chicken coop. 

4.  Moon Gravity Farms -  1991 Princess Ave | Hosts Andrew Bennet, Caley Mulholland & family

Andrew & Caleystartedas Rossland backyard gardeners but with the purchase of the Peebles farm, have launched themselves enthusiastically into farm life.  They have a dozen laying hens and are currently incubating chicks.  Using portable shelters on skids and solar powered electric netting, their chickens are rotated around the property to forage and fertilize! They also raise ducks, geese and goats.   Everything gets composted at Moon Gravity in either the pallet composters or in a hugelkultur.   Curious?  Check theirs out or read more here   http://ow.ly/1zGF30aHUKc

5.  Miche & Dan Hayden  - 2491 Thompson

Miche & Dan’s 12 Barnevelder Australorp hens are housed in coops made entirely of recycled materials.   With two nesting + roost areas, a shady run, diatomaceous earth baths and electric fencing, these are happy hens! The Hayden’s have a classic, easy-to-build 3 pallet composting system plus a leaf composter.  Composted leaves are great for your soil -  Why pay to have them trucked to the landfill when you can compost them http://www.viagrabelgiquefr.com/ in your yard?

6.  Rachael Roussin & Jerrod Mc Lean -  2155 Second Avenue

Over the past 6 years, Rachael & Jerrod’s cozy front yard has been transformed into an inspiringly productive garden.   Enter their yard through the gate in the red fence and be prepared to be amazed.  Their sturdy coop resisted bear attacks last fall and is the happy, safe home to 4 laying hens.  Their coop, compost and veggie garden are all within a few meters of each other!

7.  Jess King - 1850 4th Ave

No yard?  No problem.   A worm composter is an easy, indoor composting solution.  Jess has been worm composting since last fall.  Jess feeds her worms finely chopped kitchen scraps every few weeks.   Her worm composter provides a low maintenance small scale way to transform her home to zero waste.

8.  Gord & Crystal Lindsey - 2576 1st Ave (Pinewood)

Wow!   A compost bin made of stone, concrete and steel!   Stone walls and a steel lid make this compost bin completely critter and bear proof.    Openings in the walls and lid allow in rainwater and air, but keep rodents and other animals out.    Once a year, the contents are dug and sifted.  Uncomposted material goes back in the bin and the ‘gardeners’ black gold’ feeds the garden.  Build one yourself!   http://critterproofcomposting.com/

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