About Visions to Action

This section provides background on the Visions to Action initiative including the Strategic Sustainability Plan that guides our work, the Strategic Sustainability Plan Focus Areas, the Creation and Membership of the Sustainability Commission and the Operations of the Sustainablity Commission and Task Forces.

Strategic Sustainability Plan

The Strategic Sustainabilty Plan (SSP), created through the Visions to Action process initiated in 2007, was approved by Council in May 2008. The SSP is centred around a Community Vision for 2030 developed through a collaborative community process.  The Community Vision for 2030 is:

In 2030, Rossland is a resilent alpine community and a leader in balancing social, environmental, and economic sustainability. Celebrated for its unique cultural heritage, small-town charm and world-class natural amenities, Rossland offers residents and visitors alike extensive recreational opportunities, trail networks and green spaces.  The thriving, diverse economy embraces innovation and entrepreneurism, and its citizens actively contribute to a welcoming, vibrant community that is safe, inclusive and affordable.

The Strategic Sustainability Plan is the guiding document for the community's sustainability initiatives outlined on this site. It is intended to guide the actions of the City, Sustainability Commission, Task Forces and citizens of Rossland in reaching our Community Vision. The SSP outlines 147 Strategic Actions for 11 Focus Areas.  Version 1.1 of the Strategic Sustainability Plan contains an updated Appendix E from SSP Version 1.0.
Strategic Sustainability Plan Version 1.1

Updated Appendix E (Addition to SSP 1.0)

The recommendations of the SSP were incorporated into the new OCP in October 2008.  For more details on the process by which the Strategic Sustainability Plan was created follow this link.

Development of the Strategic https://www.cialissansordonnancefr24.com/ Sustainability Plan

Strategic Sustainabiltiy Plan Focus Areas

Follow the links for more details regarding the 11 Strategic Sustainability Plan Focus Areas.

Land ManagementNatural Environment and Resource Lands, Community Economic Development, Recreation and Leisure, Housing and Affordability, Transportation, Intergenerational Care and Learning, Sense of Community, Energy and Air Quality, Water and Solid Waste Management, Governance

Creation and Membership of the Sustainability Commission and Task Forces

In 2009, the City commenced implementation of the SSP, including the creation of a Sustainability Commission and four Task Forces.  Council appointed the Sustainability Commission to guide and assist in the implementation of the Strategic Sustainability Plan (SSP).  The Commission appointed four Task Forces (Economic Development, Water Stewardship, Housing and Affordability and Energy) to address the four SSP Focus Areas prioritized by Council.  

In 2013, Innovative Education was identified as a priority area and the Innovative Education Task Force was formed.  The Water Stewardship Task Force was also retired at this time.  With the formation of the Lower Columbia Affordable Housing Society (LCAHS) ,  the Housing and Affordablility Task Force was also retired and a Rossland representative was appointed to the LCAHS. 

In 2017,  the Innovative Education Task Force was retired and the Food Security Task Force was established.  In 2018, the Economic Development Task Force was also retired and leadership for economic development issues in Rossland was taken over by the Lower Columbia Innovations Commission (LCIC).

The 2018/19 Sustainability Commission is comprised of the following community volunteers:
Chair:  Alex Loeb

Energy Task Force Chair: Alex Loeb

Food Security Task Force Chair:   Caley Mulholland & Rachael Roussin

Member at Large:   Craig DeLong

Council Liaison:  Dirk Lewis

The Sustainability Commission is assisted by :

Stacey Lightbourne (Planner, City of Rossland),  Ann Damude (Community Engagement Coordinator)

Operation of the Sustainability Commission and Task Forces

The Visions to Action Sustainability Commission and Task Forces are guided by a number of key documents and protocols including the City of Rossland Sustainability Commission Bylaw and Task Force Terms of Reference.

Sustainability Commission Guiding Documents

The Sustainability Commission operates in a transparent manner and tracks its activities through meeting minutes, newsletters and annual reports. 

Meeting Minutes and Annual Reports

Since 2009, the Sustainability Commission, Task Forces and City have been hard at work on a number of sustainability initiatives. See the Sustainability Commission's Annual Reports for a good summary of accomplishments.  See the homepages of each of the Task Forces for a review of their accomplishments to date. 

Join us on Rossland's Path to Sustainability!


"Anything else you're interested in is not going to happen if you can't breathe the air and drink the water. Don't sit this one out. Do something." ~ Carl Sagan